Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's a Boy and Girl

How perfect is that. We are beyond thrilled. We thought for sure we would be having boys, so it was nice to get one of each. It was just what I hoped for. The twinkies look great. Our little boy was measuring 5 days ahead of schedule and weighed 6 oz, and our little girl was measuring one day ahead of schedule and weighed 5 oz. The anatomy scan showed everything to appear normal at this point. Today marks the start of week 17 of my pregnancy. It's crazy to think that probably 20 weeks from now my little twins will be making their debut.


  1. A boy and a girl...that is every infertiles dream come true :) Congrats again on the twins and one of each!

    I got your message and would love the contact info on the place you stayed in Vegas. We are beginning to finalize places etc and it would be helpful!

  2. Congratulations! The best of both worlds :)

  3. So exciting, congratulations!!

  4. Congrats on your Boy Girl twins! I also have b-g twins who are now 7 months old! Just read your post on the whole Are twins in your family? just know the dumb and very personal questions are just starting! Get ready for this.. "OH how cute are they twins?" "Yes" (when you want to say no I just carry around two babies) "Boy and a Girl?" "Yes" "Oh they look Just alike! They Must be identical!" "No they aren't" "are you sure?" "yes I am sure one is a BOY one is a GIRL!"
    then Most the time the person gets this oh I am so dumb look on their face!

    Anyway Congrats!! They are SO much fun!

  5. Crazy Cowans - I have started to realize that the questions will last their entire life. I too have been asked if they are identical. Too funny!