Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Little Punch in the Stomach

So we saw the twinkies yesterday, and they look great. They were measuring a day ahead and are each 13 oz at a little over 20 weeks. I expressed my concerns about not feeling them move and no one at the doctor's office seemed concerned. They were moving on the ultrasound, but I just don't feel them, until last night.

So running guy and I were grilling out last night and sitting on the patio enjoying a nice Florida evening and I decided to pull up my shirt a little and examine my belly. We were discussing how I still haven't felt them move. I shook my stomach like they do on the ultrasound to make them move and low and behold I got hit. I had my shirt pulled up so running guy saw the movement on my stomach. It was so crazy and it kind of startled both of us. Since then, I haven't felt them move. I don't think I'm going to shake my stomach anymore because if I was sleeping and someone shook me I wouldn't be too happy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

19 Weeks Tomorrow and No I Haven't Felt Them Move

So tomorrow I will be 19 weeks. My husband and I are both over planners and slightly neurotic so we have had the nursery painted, purchased furniture, and started buying clothes. It's really fun. I was starting to get a little nervous this week because I still have not felt definitive movement. I've felt some things, but I am not sure it was them moving. People keep asking if I have felt them move, and I can't honestly say that I have. I know I know it feels like a flutter or gas bubbles, but I'm still not sure. Usually super thin people with twins feel these things early, but I have not. So today I had a few strings pulled and had an impromptu ultrasound done by an ultrasound tech. They are moving and looking great, so now I am fine without the movement. I am sure it will happen soon enough and then I will be complaining that it's uncomfortable.

By the way I am really big now. At 17 weeks I was measuring at 22 weeks. It's kind of funny because from the back I don't look pregnant, but when I turn around there is no missing it. My husband and I get good laughs out of it. I see the twinkies again officially on March 21st and can't wait to see them.