Thursday, May 5, 2011

Almost 27 Weeks and Doing Great

I have been MIA for awhile. Nothing bad has happened; I have just been busy with work and life. On Saturday I will be 27 weeks pregnant. I really can't believe it. The twins look great. I go to Maternal Fetal Medicine on Monday and will get to see them again. I count my blessings that I never experienced morning sickness or that I never barfed. Instead I have weird pregnancy aliments like permanent congestion and eczema on my feet. Weird! Anyway, the nursery is pretty much set and ready, and I have a baby shower two weeks from Saturday. I want the twinkies to stay cooking until mid July and then they can make their appearance. I feel very blessed that everything is going so well.

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  1. So glad to hear it Running_girl...just a couple weeks behind me...keep on running!!